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A2-User Permissions

So I made several different editor types editor, author, and contributor. The editor gets to post and edit posts from him as well as other authors and contributors.

screen shot of a user profile editing page

setting up your user

The authors get to post without approval. A contributor can post but needs approval from the administrator or the editor.
Choose your editorial users wisely and put them to work writing blogs. Remember it is easy to change a persons editorial access away easily.easy to change editorial jobs You can have writers you trust doing all kinds of things from writing posts to reading and editing posts. THIS is the role only an administrator or editor can take care of.
Should perhaps you like the way they write and you think they can post without anyone approving the work. This is the job or permission you should give the author. It’s not that you don’t trust them to edit other peoples work but it not the job they have.
A contributor you see is someone who’s opinion you want to write for you. That being said you still want to be able to read it before it gets published on your website. Perhaps it’s someone you don’t know but they always make good helpful contributions on the comment section and one day you ask them if they’d like to publish posts for you.
As we showed earlier it is really for us to give access to writers we like so id you want to post your work here let me know.Sign up new users We can see the form in this graphic image from a screenshot i took. This image has an alignment of none which is why the text did not wrap around the image as well as the photo’s above.
So lets start writing are nerdy tech news on my website.Thanks.

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