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HTC EVO 4G to Samsung Galaxy S4 upgrade

Is it time for a cell phone upgrade?

As it turns out it was time for a cell phone upgrade and I will discuss my top of the line phone from 2 years ago the HTC EVO 4G versus the new Samsung Galaxy S4 that I purchased. Those techies out there understand that 2 years is a long time in gadget world. The quote Samsung is using “The Next big thing is here” is a great slogan, but we all know that it is only a matter of time till the next new thing comes along and most likely it won’t be from Samsung. I will discuss what I saw between my phones and what has changed in last 2 years.

Samsung Galaxy S4 is my latest gadget purchase. It came highly recommended by the sales staff now it’s time for me to break down my thoughts on the device.

I purchased the phone in late July 2013 and have been using it for the last couple weeks trying to see all its features. I am a web designer and computer hardware technician from the Seattle area.

Samsung being the manufacturer did not hold back on features. The first thing I noticed was how fast my new phone was. I was able to go from app to app much quicker.


The Samsung is running the Android operating system (android jellybean 4.2.2) which is at least a couple of android operating systems ahead of the EVO. The EVO 4G was Android 2.1- 2.3 as far as operating systems go.

The CPU is much better as well the EVO had a 1 GHz processor and the S4 has a quad core 1.9 GHz processor. This greatly improves the response time when you initiate an app or are switching from one app to another. Similarly the difference between the Ram and ROM are quite significant the EVO had 512mb of Ram and 1 GB of ROM where the S4 has 2GB of RAM and 16 GB of ROM. Both offer an SD card slot that seems to be a nice norm nowadays the S4 did up the amount of memory to 64 GB for the SD slot.


The screen is a bit bigger and seems much clearer as my old phone was 4.3 inches and the Galaxy S4 is 5 inches.
The Galaxy S4 is a little bigger in size but much lighter. I feel like the EVO 4g seemed sturdier with harder plastics and materials that seemed stronger. I don’t know how the Galaxy S4 will hold up in the long run because it is a new product but the materials seem to be a lighter quality plastic. I hope it holds up through normal wear and tear and the occasional fumble.

Other features it has are a better camera it has both a front facing camera as well as the standard. This feature is not new as my EVO had that as well but the cool new innovation Samsung added to this is that it gives you the ability to take a picture of the scenery and take a picture of your face as well. Kind of cool I don’t know how often I’ll use it but to be able to show others what you’re looking at and add your face to the scene is kind of neat I think.

Another feature that I am still trying master but am really starting to love is the smart screen which is controllable through hand gestures. Not only that but you can control the scroll with your eyes. It really tripped me out at first but it’s pretty cool now that I can kind of control it. At first it started scrolling and I was like what the heck am I doing. Then I read about it a bit and realized it was my eyes that were controlling it. Just keep your eyes on the part that you want to see and then you look towards the bottom of the screen it will start scrolling and then when you look back up to the top it stops scrolling. Then what you want to read is always at the top of the page.

Samsung made group play an option and that is nice for sharing files and pictures as well as playing video games as a group. Just another option of entertaining fun.

They also advertise video chatting and honestly that is what got me to buy the EVO when it came out 2 years ago. They say it you should be able to video chat and yes you can. It has never worked to my satisfaction however, and the Samsung is the same. The videos are choppy at best. The pictures are good but it is just not nearly as smooth as on my laptop or home computer when it comes to Google hangout.

The battery has gotten better as well with a much longer battery life I went from the EVO with a standby time of about 146hrs to the Samsung S4 with a battery standby time of 300-350 hrs.

All in all I am extremely happy with my purchase and would certainly suggest the Samsung Galaxy S4 to others as well. It was time for a new phone and I got a good deal so needless to say I am satisfied. Do yourself a favor and make the upgrade. It will make you use your phone again.

You can reach me through my blog at JKisIT.com. JKisIT is a web designer, hardware technician as well as a part time blogger, tech gadget reviewer, and basically a “Jack of all trades master of none” kind of guy.

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