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WordPress or not

Is it wrong for everyone to use a content management system? I think it is more like this- you can use a content management system but sometimes why do you need to? If you are just a one page yellow pages type website why bother with a content management system. If you are that type […]

Technology News

HTC EVO 4G to Samsung Galaxy S4 upgrade Is it time for a cell phone upgrade? As it turns out it was time for a cell phone upgrade and I will discuss my top of the line phone from 2 years ago the HTC EVO 4G versus the new Samsung Galaxy S4 that I purchased. […]

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CHecking out the Attatchment Template

So I will insert an image here to use.

Working With wordpress

Still learning how to do things so I am adding a new post to see it. SO this is a different author. sort of.

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A6 – Adding a custom theme

Ok I think I have it all worked out here. This is a link to my A4 template. Here is a screenshot of my newly activated theme! As Raven discussed in class about the version number i think it is something automatic. I am not sure in my css for this theme it had entered […]

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A2-User Permissions

So I made several different editor types editor, author, and contributor. The editor gets to post and edit posts from him as well as other authors and contributors. The authors get to post without approval. A contributor can post but needs approval from the administrator or the editor. Choose your editorial users wisely and put […]